About OMeGA

Fellowship and residency programs play a primary sustaining role in advancing orthopaedic professional practice and enhancing patient care. The new environment of increased scrutiny and oversight faced by orthopaedic medical device companies has caused industry funding of GME to be reduced. As a result, educational institutions and teaching hospitals now face an even greater challenge to innovate and sustain high quality graduate medical education programs.

Meeting a critical need

OMeGA Medical Grants Association was established in 2008 to ensure the continued financial support of orthopaedic residency and fellowship programs—the foundational components of orthopaedic practice and professionalism.

Independent. Objective. Fair.

OMeGA is an independent legal entity with a singular mission: To award and administer grants for orthopaedic graduate medical education through an open, accessible process designed to safeguard against potential conflicts of interest and to ensure transparency in the allocation of resources.


2021 OMeGA Board of Directors

Kevin P. Black, MD
Penn State Health  
John A. Glaser, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

Richard J. D'Ascoli, MD
Albany Medical College  

Robert J. Bielski, MD
Indiana University 
Robert D. Bronstein, MD
University of Rochester

S. Ashfaq Hasan, MD
University of Maryland

Rex C. Haydon, MD
University of Chicago

Download the OMeGA bylaws pdf  Updated 3.19

Download the OMeGA policies and procedures.pdf  Updated 3.20

Download Addressing conflicts of interest pdf  Updated 9.20

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