Support recognition

OMeGA and grant recipient programs thank all our donors

OMeGA provides recognition at many levels, appreciating that each company supports non-conflicted orthopaedic GME to the best of their ability.

Overall support

OMeGA and the programs we support depend on companies that understand that orthopaedics prospers best as a profession when all subspecialties thrive. Thank you to the companies that help us advance orthopaedic GME across all subspecialty categories.

Tier 1: $7,000,000+

Tier 2: $5,000,000-$6,999,999

Tier 3: $3,000,000-$4,999,999

Tier 4: $1,500,000-$2,999,999

Tier 5: $500,000-$1,499,999

Tier 6: $50,000-$499,999

Contributor: Under $49,999

Emerging growth company (EGC) contributor: $1,000+

Additional recognition

OMeGA celebrates the donor with the vision and conviction to provide foundational support with "Founding supporter" recognition.

We recognize the top donor for the current academic year with the "Orthopaedic champion" title.

We also understand that starting is sometimes the hardest step and commend our new donors with the "New" starburst.

Emerging growth companies with annual US sales of less than $100 million are acknowledged for starting early in their support of orthopaedic GME. To encourage these companies for their long-term vision, these companies receive benefits and recognition equal to double their support. This option is valid to companies for up to two years.

Subspecialty category support

OMeGA appreciates companies that support the entire orthopaedic profession by supporting multiple subspecialty categories:

Orthopaedic benefactors=supports all nine orthopaedic subspecialties

Orthopaedic patron=supports 6-8 subspecialties

Orthopaedic advocate=supports 3-5 subspecialties

OMeGA also understands that a company's products drive their support and that companies may be laser-focused on one or a few subspecialty categories. We commemorate support within subspecialties with color designation.

Blue=$1,000,000 or more of support

Red=$500,000-$999,999 of support

Green=$250,000-$499,999 of support

Orange=$100,000-$249,999 of support

Purple=$50,000-$99,999 of support

Yellow=$49,999 or less of support